April 2011

Champagne Cocktail Party

Seven tips and a great Champagne to make your next party a success.

Few things in life are more satisfying that sitting around with a close group of friends and chatting over a nice cocktail.  Impromptu cocktail parties have fallen by the wayside and it is time to bring them back.  Cocktail parties do not need to be elaborate, expensive affairs.  Grab your favorite pen, some pretty stationary, and invite your nearest and dearest to an evening of sips, socializing, and fun.  Then follow these seven tips to help you plan your sure to be smashing affair.

Keep it cool.  If you’re expecting more than five guests, make sure to turn the air conditioner down to 65 degrees about an hour before the party.  Lots of people in a small space will heat up a room fast, make sure to keep everyone comfortable by planning ahead.