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Champagne bloopers and cocktail recipes

Ever had an embarrassing experience with champagne? Hopefully it was not as bad as this one. In March 2008, a woman in Kobe, Japan ordered 10 bottles of champagne (totalling 180,000 yen, over 2,000 American dollars), despite the fact that she had no money with her. The bar pressed charges, but the case was dismissed because due to the woman's serious inebriation at the time, it was impossible to prove that she had ordered the wine with the intention to steal it. Also, a warning to always open champagne carefully from the Daily Buzz! This looks more like a blooper that we've ALL done...

Still have leftover bottles of champagne from New Years? Check out this video from Common Man Cocktails to learn how to make a Flirtini, a very simple Champagne or sparkling wine-based cocktail (with a very fun name!).

All that is required for a Flirtini is champagne, Pomegranate-infused vodka, and pomegranate seeds for a garnish if you are feeling fancy. This looks like a delicious way to put a spin on any sparkling wine. Additionally, that left over bubbly can be put to good use in a Classic Champagne Cocktail. The recipe includes a sugar cube, bitters, Champagne, and a lemon or orange garnish served in a champagne flute.

Another fruity option is the Valencia Royale, which combines orange juice, apricot brandy, Champagne, and an orange peel garnish. One more option: although this is certainly not how I learned to make a Toasted Almond in bartending school, it looks like an intriguing variation. It requires Amaretto, Champagne, and almond sugar (almonds, sugar, and almond extract combo) as a garnish.

Anyone else know any great recipes for finishing of that extra New Years bubbly? Let us know!