Mini Champagne Cans

Mini Champagne Cans

Juice Boxes for Grown Ups

I thought I had completely discovered my love for Champagne, but I was wrong.  It was a brisk, fall day when my husband came home from a party carrying a present for me.  It was a petite pink can with a tiny pink straw attached to the side.  And inside?  Amazingness. 

I opened the silver and pink octagonal box noting how fun it looked and felt.  Peering inside, I found four petite aluminum cans measuring at 187ml each crafted in a  gorgeous pink that is neither girly nor punk rock, but the perfect shade for sipping.  I pulled out the extending bendy straw, popped the top, and took a sip!

Meet the Sofia Mini, Champagne in a can.  I’m sure Champagne purists will be hesitant, but this little gift my husband brought me was brilliant.   He knew I love champagne and would love this petite, portable champagne, and I did!  While it’s technically not Champagne, as it’s grown in California, it’s still sparkling and delicious.  These “Sofia Minis” are a Blanc de Blanc created by the Francis Coppola Winery.  The Sophia Minis are crisp and sweet and the perfect summer beverage.  

The Minis just go to show you that happiness can come in a can.  These petite little cans are just like juice boxes for grown ups!   I recommend these are the perfect quirky house-warming gift or to tote along on your next summer trip out.  We all know you can not bring glass onto the beach, so these cans are perfect for sipping poolside or beachside, taking to your summer concerts in the park, or an outdoor fete.  So channel your inner childhood and pop open a tiny can of sparkling wine.

Want to learn more and try out these treats for yourself?  Sophia Minis are available at local retailers for around $20/4 pack or online here.

Check out this video from the Today Show featuring the Mini Sophia and other perfect summer-y drinks.