The Mimosa: Crisp, Citrusy & Delicious

The Mimosa: Crisp, Citrusy & Delicious

About a week ago, I had the pleasure of enjoying a mimosa. Never underestimate the power a mimosa can have on the start to a very lazy Sunday. This was a delicious way to start the day. So what if I consumed alcohol before noon? I enjoyed every drop. A mimosa is a very nice accompaniment to any sort of breakfast foods.

A traditional mimosa is one part chilled orange juice, with one part champagne. For my mimosa, I used Tropicana orange juice and Domaine St Michelle, which is actually a sparkling wine. I chose a bottle of their extra  dry. It tasted sweet and complemented the texture of the citrus in the orange juice. It had a deep apple taste with a sweet, almost creamy finish. The two fruits swirling together was a wonderful combination of tastes. The carbonation from bubbles in the sparkling wine was a wonderful distinct layer in the overall taste.

For a fun variation, add Grand Mariner to the mix. This is a liqueur that was formulated by Alexandre Marnier-Lapostolle, who learned the art of distilling spirits from his father. His father was a shopkeeper that sold wine and spirits. Grand Mariner is a blend of fine cognacs and the distilled essence of bitter orange. This liqueur is 80 proof, meaning it has 40% alcohol. This is a very popular spirit to add to drinks in France.

In old English, a mimosa was widely known as “Hair of the Dog”. This is an expression that literally means to cure oneself from a hangover, by consuming more alcohol. This expression’s origins trace to the idea that one can be cured of hydrophobia (also known as rabies) or any disease where infection occurs from a dog bite. To cure yourself, simply take hair from the dog that bit you and place it on the wound.

There is no scientific evidence that this method does actually help cure a hangover. Though it makes me wonder why the illusive Bloody Mary is so popular and a drink staple for many well before noon. Seattle weekly has a list of restaurants where you can get the top 5 Bloody Marys in the city here. If you don’t live in Seattle, make some fun plans to travel to our fair emerald city and have a night out with friends. Then consult this list for a place where you can slowly let in the light of day on the morning after. Many a Seattleite can be found wearing sunglasses, even on overcast or rainy days on the weekends, probably due to excessive alcohol consumption the night before.

So whether you choose to sip on a Mimosa or Bloody Mary, embrace the dark with those stylish shades and sip that Hair of the Dog in a dark corner brooding over the Stranger’s I SAW U column.